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The Psoriasis Treatment Center is an integral part of the Midwest Dermatology and is one of the few facilities that offer a comprehensive program for the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. Completed in 1977 and developed to achieve remission of severe and chronic psoriasis on an outpatient basis, the center utilizes many forms of therapy including a modification of the respected treatment developed and still used at the Mayo Clinic called the "Goeckerman Regimen." Also utilized are several forms of outpatient ultraviolet light therapy including PUVA, PUVA Bath, Narrow Band, XTRAC Excimer Laser, oral medications such as Cyclosporine, Soriatane and Methotrexate, and self-injected biologics such as Enbrel, Stelara and Humira. Not all patients require these programs and will therefore be provided with instructions for self-treatment at home.

The Center is directed by Suleman Bangash, D.O., and is staffed by  Bharati Chittineni, M.D., Stephen Carter, M.D., Amanda Wendel, M.D., Seema Sheth, M.D.,  Christine Go, PA-C,and Samreen Choudhry, M.D. as well as specially trained support staff.



This treatment (PUVA= psoralen and ultraviolet A) combines the oral drug Methoxsalen (psoralen) and the use of long-wave ultraviolet light. The drug increases the body's sensitivity to ultraviolet light.

Narrow Band UVB

This is a widely used form of ultraviolet light therapy for psoriasis and vitiligo. This wavelength of ultraviolet has proven to offer the best results considering the simplicity of this therapy. Narrow Band UVB falls at the upper end of the UVB spectrum near the UVA range. In some cases it exhibits the effectiveness of PUVA therapy without the complexity associated with PUVA therapy administration.

As was the case in 1977 when we developed the first Psoriasis Treatment Center in the greater Chicagoland area, we were the only center offering Narrow Band phototherapy in the Midwest in early 1998. For patients who cannot tolerate oral oxsoralen used for PUVA therapy, or for those patients who have had numerous (greater than 200) PUVA treatments, Narrow Band therapy is a significant alternative means of delivering effective light therapy to the skin. We have had significant results with Narrow Band therapy in many of our patients.

Our phototherapy technicians welcome your questions about services in the Psoriasis Treatment Center. Please call 847-394-2060 to speak to  Maryann and Clarissa in our Arlington Heights location. In our Bloomingdale location, Sandy and Gayle are available to answer your questions at 630-529-5988.

Xtrac Excimer Laser

This is an alternative to traditional UVA and Narrow Band light therapy. A carefully focused beam of laser light is delivered through a sophisticated fiber-optic device to treat psoriatic plaques quickly and effectively. Because it concentrates light on selected active lesions, Xtrac delivers high dosage ultraviolet light therapy to individual plaques without risk to healthy skin. This treatment modality is intended for individuals with mild to moderate plaque psoriasis and due to its site-specific delivery system, can be used successfully on hard to treat areas such as elbows and knees.

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The newest therapeutic class of drugs for psoriasis are the biologic agents. The most popular agents at this time are Enbrel, Humira and Stelara. These agents interfere with the immune system response that promotes psoriatic activity. Many more agents of this type are currently in development.