Mohs Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery was named after Dr. Frederic Mohs who developed this type of skin cancer surgery in the 1930's. Mohs surgery is a specialized type of skin cancer surgery in which the surgeon immediately checks the removed cancerous tissue under the microscope in order to insure that all the "roots" of the cancer are removed. Compared to other forms of skin cancer treatment, Mohs surgery has the highest reported cure rate. Indications for Mohs surgery include skin cancers that have recurred following previous treatments, and for cancers located in areas such as the nose, ears, eyelids, lips, hands, feet, and genitals, where maximal preservation of healthy tissue is critical for cosmetic or functional purposes.

Mohs surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure at Midwest Dermatology by Dr. Seema Sheth, a UMass fellowship trained  Mohs surgeon who is also a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Midwest Dermatology has specialized surgical and Mohs laboratory facilities, trained Mohs medical assistants and histotechnical staff, as well as a quiet, comfortable waiting room reserved only for our Mohs surgery patients.